We’re so glad you decided to take a nosy to find out more about us …

Amazing Transfers powered by DTF is a small family run business based on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast.

After spending years providing online services to eCommerce businesses, we (John and Gaille) decided we needed a sea change. We’d always dreamed of a business that met our need to be creative, one that could involve the whole family and that didn’t require us to live in the big smoke ...

And Amazing Transfers powered by DTFs was born!

We feel that Direct to Film Transfers are the way to go for garment and merchandising customisation. They look and feel great, they’re hard-wearing (ask our teenage boys, they’ve been doing wash tests for months) and they’re affordable.

We take great pride in the quality of the supplies and garments we provide …

Our aim is to support small businesses, teams, clubs, promotional and charity events by providing quality products at affordable prices.

If you have any questions please get in touch.


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