Amazing full-colour and extremely
vibrant DTF heat transfers.


24 hour FAST turnaround
guaranteed or your money back*.


Highly durable, stretch and wash resistant...
no fading, cracking or peeling. 

Why Direct To Film Transfers?

  • Full color transfers
  • Supports gradients & photos
  • Super soft hand feel
  • Fast 24 hour turnaround
  • Save time & money
  • Extremely durable
  • Wash & scratch resistant
  • Won't fade, crack or peel
  • No nasty pretreatment
  • No weeding

Prices start at $24.90 (per sheet) 


Prices include GST.

Shipping costs start from $12 per order, pricing is dependent upon location and order quantity. 

What Can You Fit On One Square Metre?

85 Pocket Prints (10cmx10cm)

85 pockets 10cmx10cm
Cost each $0.58


34 Letterbox Prints (10cmx28cm)

34 Letterbox 10cmx28cm
Cost each $1.46


12 Large Prints (28cmx28cm)

12 Large 28cmx28cm
Cost each $4.15

You can fit any artwork and size...mix an match designs...

How Do I Order?

Place Your Order

(click the order button and select your desired qty)

Upload Your Artwork

(send us all your artwork for approval)

We Print & Ship

(we print and ship in 24 hours*)


Prices include GST.

Shipping costs start from $12 per order, pricing is dependent upon location and order quantity. 

How To Use And Apply?


Click on image to play.


Click on image to play.


Click on image to play.

Our transfers only take a few seconds to apply. They are super easy to peel.

What Can Transfers Be Applied To?

All textiles:

  • Cotton
  • Poly
  • Blends
  • Canvas
  • Hessian
  • Leather
  • Leatherette
  • Denim
  • Neoprene
  • Wood 
  • MDF
  • Cardboard

Not suitable for:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal

We Work With All Types
Of Businesses And Brands:

Including apparel, clothing brands, sports teams, sports clubs, sportswear, gym wear, workwear, streetwear, tradies, events, concerts, bands, hobby, charity, community, groups, remembrance, business and promotional merchandise.



A fantastic business with great transfers and super fast turn around time , couldn't be anymore happier with my purchase, thank you so much looking forward to doing heaps more.

~ Chris Hing


Been using Amazing Transfers for a year now !! love the product, and they are awesome to deal with you won't regret it!

~ Daniel Facer


What an amazing product!!!
I couldn’t believe at how cost affective, durable and vibrant my logo looks on my work shirts. With super fast turn around time, I’m more than impressed and will definitely be using your services again soon. 😃

~ Sandra Harris


Amazing quality! Blown away with how vibrant they are and the fast turn around. Thx so much.

~  Renee Ryan 


Amazing Transfers are great! I love the quality of the DTF Heat Transfers. They were so easy to press, and the colours are fantastic! Dealing with Gayle was great too! I will be using Amazing Transfers again!

~  Jan Roesch 

Got Questions?

Chat To Us Now

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Your artwork can be in PNG, PDF, AI, PSD and vector SVG/EPS. Artwork should be in a minimum of 300dpi (the higher the resolution, the better quality of print). If you wish to have a transparent background on your artwork, please provide it that way.

Any size up to a max of 58cm wide.. As a rule of thumb, pocket area prints are generally 10x10cm.. Letterbox prints (rectangle) are 28cm wide by 10cm high and large prints 28cm x 28cm…but the beauty of DTF is you can scale your prints to fit any size of garment.

Yes we can. They look amazing. Make sure to provide 300dpi high resolution photos.

The quality may not look great. If your artwork is low resolution, and it’s pixelated or has areas of opacity (semi-transparent pixels) the design will have more white added, which will affect the colours and white will peak outside of the edges of the artwork.

No, if you correctly supply 300dpi high resolution artwork. Changing the resolution from 72 dpi to 300dpi in Photoshop (or other tool) does not make the artwork 300dpi. If the artwork is of poor quality, or if the artwork has semi-transparent or translucent pixels could result in the white underbase showing and thus showing white on the artwork.…

No, you need to supply the artwork in the size you wish the final print to be.


That depends on your artwork size. You can use a calculator to work it out. Make sure to add 0.5cm between each piece of artwork for ease of cutting between your artwork. Our canvas sheet sizes are 58cm wide by whatever length you need, as we print on 100 metre long rolls.

Some examples:

You can get 175 10cm x 10cm pocket area prints on 2 square metres.
You can get 68 28cm x 10cm letterbox prints on 2 square metres.
You can get 24 28cm x 28cm prints on 2 square metres.

We print on rolls of film not sheets. We can print any size of artwork and up to a max width of 58cm. A4 and A3 sizes are used by hobbyist printers.


DTF printers use CMYK colour model… Your computer screen and artwork software like Photoshop use RGB… Every single type of computer screen is different and will display different colours. All of our printers are colour calibrated using a I1 Publisher Pro 3 spectrophotometer. The profile we use can take RGB and convert it CMYK correctly.

Yes we can for a small fee… You will need to physically send us a reference to colour match to. It can be a garment or colour swatch. Fee: $30.

Yes, we can send you a colour swatch for a small fee of $30. The colour swatch will give you a very wide spectrum of different colours and for you to use and match colours.


Step 1) Click the Order Now button, select your desired quantity and purchase.
Step 2) Send us all your artwork via

Important Note:
Upload print ready artwork files only. Pre-sized and cropped as required.
PNG, PDF, AI, PSD and vector SVG/EPS with no background.

Ganged files should be 58cm wide x 91cm high or max of 182cm high.
PNG, PDF, AI, PSD and vector SVG/EPS with no background and with a 5mm allowance around each image.

Include your name, full postal address, post code, phone number and email.

Please provide clear instructions of the quantity required for each artwork file or ganged file uploaded.

It's a predefined canvas size that all your artwork can be provided on.
Example 58cm wide x 91cm high or 58cm wide x 182cm high.

Our turnaround time is 24 hours from payment and artwork approval.


We use commercially built industrial DTF wide format printers. They all have 4 print heads and allow us to print amazing quality. 4 head printers print extremely fast, which helps us keep a good turnaround time.

We use our own specialised DTF ink, film and powder. We have tested just about every type of consumable and have developed our own formulas. The combination of all 3 is why we have very resilient prints, with vibrant colours and that feels very soft to the touch.

DTF ink is water-based (but does not wash out). Our ink formula is super vibrant and can do bright colours.

We use double sided matt film, which is hot peel and is super easy to peel.

Our adhesive powder is super stretchy and produces a very soft feel.


Our transfers only need 6-12 seconds to apply. Different materials will need a different heat, time and pressure.

Cotton - 150c, 10-12 seconds press and 40-50PSI pressure.
Poly - 130c 8-10 seconds press and 40-50PSI pressure.
Neoprene - 110c 6-8 seconds press and 40-50PSI pressure.

No you cannot use an iron, you need both pressure and even heat to correctly apply the adhesive to the substrate.

No… we wish it could.

All textiles: cotton, poly, blends, canvas, hessian, leather, leatherette, denim and neoprene.
Wood, MDF and cardboard.


We love DTF… Here’s why DTF is better than the other garment decoration types.
DTF is super soft to the touch and doesn’t peel, fade or crack.
With DTF you have no weeding.
DTF allows you to print gradient colours.
With DTF you can scale your designs.
With DTF you can mix and match artwork of different sizes.
DTF can be applied without doing any pre-treatment to the substrate.
With DTF you are not limited to a few colours.
DTF is super durable and lasts a long time…
DTF can be applied to garments, cotton, poly, blends, canvas, hessian, leather, leatherette, denim and neoprene. Wood, MDF and cardboard.


24 hour turnaround
*Pending payment and artwork approval.